Our mission is to help you share yoga with more people by using the power of your website

How many times have you heard that you need a new website?

It’s possible that you do, but it still won’t change your understanding of HOW to make your website work for you. Good design is great, but clear communication (marketing) and functionality is WAY more important. Design should simply enhance this!

We’re like you

Both of us, David and Guy, practice yoga, teach yoga, and care about the yoga community. In the end, we would love to see the continued growth of yoga. Why? People who do yoga (in all of its various forms) are generally healthier, calmer, more generous, and compassionate. We want to be part of that and we want to help you share yoga with even more people.

Work with what you’ve got

To this end, we're not about destroying your website. We’re also not offering you some magic trick that fixes everything at once. We wish we had one, but we don’t and neither does anyone else. What we do offer you is knowledge that you can apply yourself, much like you apply knowledge and technique to your yoga practice.

David and Guy on set

About us

Where did it all begin?

You guessed it, through yoga! David had been organically growing his blog and yoga website yoganatomy.com since 1999. Guy had been a digital marketing expert and recovering web designer since 1997.

David was teaching a workshop in the UK and Guy was a participant on the workshop where he signed up for David’s newsletter. After receiving the first mailing, like any good digital marketer, Guy reached out to David to ask some specific questions about open rate, click-through rate and the like. Unlike most, David had an answer!

Don’t do it alone

This was the beginning of a long relationship. A few years later, David reached out to Guy at wildheartmedia.com after launching his second DVD 'Hands-On Adjustments'. Guy asked some very poignant questions about what the goals of the DVD, website, and business in general were. For David, this was the first time that he began to see the interconnected relationship between the messages on his website and whether these led to sales of the DVD, which then directly related to the success of his yoga business.

Don’t give up

Since then, Guy and David have worked very closely together to rework the website in a way that makes it a central hub for information going out, people coming to it, and ultimately leading to David’s larger goal of sharing yoga and anatomy with the worldwide yoga community.

The process and the way of thinking that we used to grow yoganatomy.com is now available to you in its most simplest form.

Meet David & Guy

Photo of AYM founder, David Keil

David Keil

David Keil was introduced to yoga in 1989 by his Tai Chi Chuan teacher. Both his Tai Chi and yoga practice at the ripe age of 17 began his research into his own mind-body connections. His search continued through massage therapy where he discovered many insights and affirmations of what he had been exploring and finding on his own through his practices.

David is an educator. His hallmark is taking a complex subject and making it simple and understandable. To that end, since launching yoganatomy.com in 1999, he has designed and built his own website, using DIY spirit. Thankfully he met Guy, took his existing knowledge and multiplied it exponentially.

Photo of AYM founder, Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson

With a background in advertising, Guy’s spent two decades immersed in design and marketing. Originally from South Africa, he relocated to the UK in his early twenties and knew he would never go back. After some years in London, he traded the smog for sea air and founded a digital media agency in Brighton, zero G media.

He now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, running Wildheart Media. When he’s not busy dissolving marketing headaches, or looking after his son Cosmo, he can be found practicing and teaching his other passion: Ashtanga yoga.

A designer through and through, Guy also enjoys independent film and artisan coffee.