Does this sound like you?

You’re passionate about yoga and have invested a lot of money and time over the years learning to be a better teacher. You love the practice and how it’s changed your life and you’re passionate about sharing yoga with more people.

When you’re in the yoga room you inspire your students. But here’s the problem: you don’t know how to get more people into the yoga room. Or you’ve tried different things without any results.

You also have no training when it comes to marketing and web design and you feel a little bit overwhelmed by all there is to do. You look around you on social media and your heart sinks when you see another beach bikini yoga challenge. You ask yourself: Is this yoga? Do I have a place in all of this? Do I have something valuable to contribute?  

So you teach another class and avoid doing any marketing.

You’re not alone!

I’ve met hundreds of teachers like you over the years and it’s become my mission to help yoga businesses thrive. My name is Guy Anderson and I’m co-founder of Authentic Yoga Marketing (AYM). I’m also the founder of Wildheart Media, a marketing agency dedicated to helping yoga businesses like yours grow - without losing your soul.

Feeling romantic?

On Valentine's Day 2017 I sent David Keil of Yoganatomy a romantic email. The subject line was simply: “Partners?” We’ve been working closely together for several years now, and we’ve both seen first-hand how hard yoga teachers work and how hard it can be to make ends meet. We want to help yoga businesses overcome the obstacles to success. That email, and our intention to help you share yoga with more people, became the seed of this website and our online courses designed for your yoga business.

The elephant in the room

One big obstacle to successful marketing is not feeling comfortable about marketing in the first place. Perhaps you see marketing as manipulation or even downright dishonest. Well, if that’s how you see it then it’s going to be really hard to motivate yourself to learn how to do it well, or even invest any time or money in it. At best, your efforts will be half-hearted.

At AYM our definition of marketing is: Simple, clear communication. No manipulation and no tricks. Now, you may be reading this and thinking, “Doh! This is obvious. Where’s the good stuff Guy?!” Well, here it is: “We all like to think we’re being clear and explaining ourselves well - but most of the time we’re not.”

And when you’re not physically there when you’re communicating (e.g. via your website, emails and social media), then you don’t have the chance to clear up any misunderstandings by explaining yourself again in a different way.

If you take one thing from this blog post it should be this: Marketing is your sacred duty to help you share your gifts and talents with the world.

But there’s just so much to do!

You’re not wrong there. But here’s the thing: you don’t need to do it all at once.

Wow, now that’s a relief isn’t it? That’s why we’ve created separate courses that you can buy individually when you’re ready to move on. Slowly over time you’ll see how all the pieces fit together, and you’ll have a sense of process and purpose that will help to keep you moving forward.

Like yoga, marketing is never finished; it’s a practice for life.

So, now what?

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P.S. Keep an eye out for our next blog post by AYM co-founder David Keil: “How to host a guest teacher at your studio.” It’s an interesting read for anyone who’s ever hosted or is planning on hosting a guest teacher.